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Help Trauma Survivors Heal Their Hearts

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Help Trauma Survivors Heal Their Hearts

Healing Warrior Hearts has literally saved my life!

By the time Kimberly first came to Healing Warrior Hearts in 2015, she had attempted suicide more than once. Kimberly suffered from multiple instances of childhood trauma before joining the US Air Force at age 18. Unfortunately, she experienced many incidents of military sexual trauma throughout her military service. Much of this trauma was rooted in her silent service as an LGBTQ+ service member. These traumas led to suicidal ideations and significant moral/emotional wounds of service.
After participating in her first Healing Warrior Hearts emotional healing retreat 6 years ago, she experienced joy for the first time since childhood. This gave her hope that emotional healing is possible so she joined the volunteer staff to give back and to continue her own healing. After 4 years she attended the Healing Warrior Hearts retreat for LGBTQ+ veterans. Her dedication helped to bring about this special focus retreat.. After working on a lifetime of trust issues related to years of trauma, her emotional growth blossomed. She is now supervising retreats and continues to inspire others by sharing that her participation in Healing Warrior Hearts has literally saved her life!
Kimberly feels part of a family she cherishes, complete with veterans, staff members, and other community members. Her desire to give back is rooted in her feeling of having a new passion "to be alive".

She now shares in the leadership role with retreats, runs her own nonprofit organization (Veterans for Diversity), serves as an officer in her American Legion Post, and is involved with numerous veterans organizations to spread the word of the Starfish Story - that "it matters to this one" and that one is YOU!